Thursday, February 12, 2015

About this blog

Greetings and salutations, my loyal viewers. Welcome to Eternal News, a blog dedicated to all things Warhammer. Be it Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40k, the table top game or an upcoming book, anything of relevance to the hobby shall be covered in one way or another.

The goal of the blog is to enlighten those interested in the hobby about Warhammer and all the amazing facts about it, while also keeping longtime fans updated with current affairs in regard to table top updates or upcoming video games.

With Warhammer’s long history and multiple branches of entertainment connected to the franchise, each blog post shall be categorized to represent the particular subject discussed as a way to help extend the blogs usefulness to the diverse interests of fans.

I myself have grown to love the universe through my favorite pastime, video games. As it branched out into the video game industry, I learned of the fantastic world of Warhammer and was engrossed into the universe. I found myself wanting more, and I now own a noticeably large collection of novels on both the fantasy and 40k series.

I wish to spread that love and knowledge that I have grown for the Warhammer universe to others, and I hope that this blog can act as the instrument that connects my enthusiasm for Warhammer to the rest of the world.

Just as the Black Templars of the zealous Space Marines in their eternal crusade against the darkness of a hostile galaxy, this blog shall remain a pillar of unending content against a sea of uncategorized information. A blog on its own crusade, one dedicated to the enlightenment of the people, ever vigilant in its quest to discover everything there is about the fascinating universe Warhammer has created for its fans.

A source of Eternal News, one that specializes in a hobby that shall remain an eternal part of our lives.

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